Thursday, 5 May 2011

my message..

This is a way that i have considered displaying my dolls for my final piece, mine however are in their boxes not coffins.

The message that im actually trying to get across is the influence that barbie has on many young girls. Barbie as a brand has been around now for over 50 years and it is still today the most popular toy for young girls. The body of the doll is very unrealistic, the perfect figure that has breasts that are completly proportionate to the body, she has lucious thick blonde hair and her legs are what any girl would wish for. I believe that this is wrong. This doll that young girls play with is actually brain-washing them into what a body should look like when in fact no girls actually have a body like barbie. Girls are fatter, curvier and different shaped boobs or legs and dolls like barbie make girls think they should'nt look how they look when in fact its natural and barbie isnt! barbie is plastic! This is the message i am trying to portray.
I researched other people that have manipulated dolls like i have, i have done this to what different things people would change on a barbie doll.

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