Tuesday, 19 July 2011


me by AMYDTM
me, a photo by AMYDTM on Flickr.

jeans. vera moda
necklace; miss selfridge

Thursday, 12 May 2011

my final presentation of my project

I chose an alternative way of presenting my dolls, rather than just showing then in a studio set environment I decided that presenting then in a real life environment would be more successful, and personally I think it looks alot better.
The colours and just the whole perspective looks better and more interesting.
This creates a much more kitsch final piece.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


During my research I have recently come across more people that have altered the appearence of a barbie doll. I came across this website altered barbie and it have so many images of barbie dolls, that have been disfigured and manipulated. Artist: Deborah Colotti
Lauren Lane

I think the above image is of a similar style as my chalk drawing of the barbie doll that i have produced.

Monday, 9 May 2011


my sketchbook...

as well as my blog which i have used to show my artists references and show work that i have done for this project i have produced a sketchbook which i have photography and my work for this project. My sketchbook as a whole contains alot of collage, this is because using mixed media is the style that i am most comfortable and i enjoy the most. I also wanted my project to be slightly morbid and oppose the pretty pink icon that barbie as a company portrays. I have done this my mixing black and pink and making pages rigid, ripped and rough.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Altered Barbie gallery

I came across this exibition that took place in America a few years back but it really expresses similar opinions to me about the influences in which barbie dolls have on others.

Altered Barbie
Art 94124 Gallery (3rd St.)
August 10, 2008
Notes and Photos by Edward Paik

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Little girls dream of growing up to fit your flawless figure; women buy silicon implants to bear your perky plastic bust.

But the artists at the "Altered Barbie" exhibit are taking one for team womankind and mangling that hourglass bod to suit their purposes for a change. They've had enough of a doll calling the shots.

Mutilated, burned, coated, x-rayed, dressed, undressed, encased in wax, torn, broken or bent to simulate sex, more than 150 of Mattel’s 49-year-old plastic bombshells were altered for the sixth year running.

“People realize she’s an icon whether they like it or not,” says Julie Anderson, co-curator of the exhibit here at Art 94124 Gallery. And with a theme of recyclable and reusable materials, used to recreate anatomically incorrect incarnations, Barbie is the focus of celebration: her body a canvas for culture or satire at the mercy of almost 70 artists. “Altering her is about making her more real.”

There are dolls, photographs, paintings, performances, poems, music and films in reverence to the pint-sized fashionista. Some works are simple dress-ups in custom clothing, suited to otherworldly themes, sexual fetishes or just style. The rest are a bit stranger. No word on how Ken would have responded to LaVonne Sallee’s “Z-Warrior Barbie in Battle with an Iguana,” where the male doll’s fictional girlfriend lies topless beneath the beast.

“Difficult Birth,” by Tanya Lin Jaffe, is a real (and lit) x-ray of one Barbie with another coming out headfirst to join her newborn peers after delivery. Beneath a shrine of 21 decapitated doll heads and 19 Barbies plays Susan Stern’s 1998 documentary “Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour,” which explains how the toy was inspired from the lack of mature dolls.

“It’s almost like a cult activity,” observes Ruth Handler, Barbie’s creator speaking on film of Barbie cultural role since then. “It’s real.”

And boy has the plastic toy has permeated into America’s image of beauty.

“Revealed” is a three-piece series of photos by Aftan Hernandez, where two black and white images of women -- from neck down to waist -- reveal curves in a women’s body missing in the upside-down triangular cavity of a Barbie. The contrast is a reality check -- the icon of beauty doesn’t eat!

“The concept of altering Barbies has been established,” says Anderson. In it’s sixth year, Anderson, who is also a contributing artist, has noticed the evolving perspective from her peers who participate in the exhibition. “I’m not getting a lot of excitement stabbing the Barbies, or making pornographic [scenes],” she added. “But when you put thought into her she comes back as art, as identity of the artist or the world outside.”

Barbie has become thought provoking. Perhaps it explains Melissa Chow’s 2007 photographs, “Put That Down, That Shit’s Expensive,” of the Barbie inhaling fumes of costly oil. Perhaps it explains the five Barbies hanging on the wall, encased in wooden coffins, as part of Hernandez’s “Death Of The Impossible.”

The annual exhibition does point out that aficionados of the plastic beauty are abundant - as almost 200 people come to the gallery each day, according to Anderson. “The cause for Barbie goes on.”

my message..

This is a way that i have considered displaying my dolls for my final piece, mine however are in their boxes not coffins.

The message that im actually trying to get across is the influence that barbie has on many young girls. Barbie as a brand has been around now for over 50 years and it is still today the most popular toy for young girls. The body of the doll is very unrealistic, the perfect figure that has breasts that are completly proportionate to the body, she has lucious thick blonde hair and her legs are what any girl would wish for. I believe that this is wrong. This doll that young girls play with is actually brain-washing them into what a body should look like when in fact no girls actually have a body like barbie. Girls are fatter, curvier and different shaped boobs or legs and dolls like barbie make girls think they should'nt look how they look when in fact its natural and barbie isnt! barbie is plastic! This is the message i am trying to portray.
I researched other people that have manipulated dolls like i have, i have done this to what different things people would change on a barbie doll.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

my morbid barbie.

DSCF0391, a photo by AMYDTM on Flickr.

my fat barbie

DSCF0431, a photo by AMYDTM on Flickr.

I want to incorperate text into my piece therefore i bought these little tags that I think I could write on. I got the idea of the little tags from deceased bodies whenthey have the tag around their ankle to verify who they are.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

my morbid barbiess


Ive been busy...
ive started to pull this project together, i need to work into my sketchbook more but my final piece is coming along...

i wanted to create a morbid feeling to my work and i believe that using clay helped me to create this feeling. the morbid dolls clash with my pink doll boxes that i worked into with collage. i included slogans and quotes that link to the doll, for example my fat doll is in a box that says, 'they call me fat, im size 8' this was actually said by Kerry Katona during an interview with Alan Carr, i believe that because of Kerry's past with weight insecurities shes been called fat and its things like this, the media that cause so many young girls to be anorexic and bulimic.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

big bust big hips

i continued my experiements with the clay.
i created a barbie thats fat, i used beth dito from gossip as inspiration. shes a bigger woman but shes very sucessful. she has done naked photo shoots so i used these to reference the aspects of a bigger woman.

ive also made a barbie with a bigger bust and bigger thighs. im trying to emphasise the female aspects of barbie. i wanted to create a barbie that is maybe less realistic. i think the bigger bust and thighs creates a figure that wouldnt usually be associated with barbiee.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

oh dear, havent posted for a few days.

well ive been trying some experiments with some new materials ;) i lovee using wax
i made my wax barbiee, i think its a good material to work in as its able to mould shapes easily. i used the barbie as a mould and then covered my mould in clay and poured the wax in, i took photos of the barbie moulded in clay and im taking this idea further and i intend to look at people that oppose the characteristics of barbie

Thursday, 10 March 2011

FAT barbie

jenny saville

who you are ...

nicki minaj is a new artist, shes worked along side cheryl cole and will.i.am therefore she is very popular in the music world.
her image, the blonde wig and bright pink outifts idolise barbie and therefore she would appeal to younger girls who maybe want to be like barbie.
if they see famous people like nikki wearing bright pink and blonde hair it was possibly influence them into changing there style.. wearing more excessive make up or dying their hair.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series

i like the way that Margaux Lange dismantles the barbies to create her jewellery.
i intend to take barbies apart and maybe cut them up to create this distorted effect also i think it links to my opposite barbie image.. as if the girls who do not share barbies characteristics take their revenge on the dolls?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

wendy mayer

i was introduced to the work of wendy mayer by my art teacher. shes such an inspirational artist, i love this piece which is a ragdoll. i think the way she uses wax to make her work so realistic
my project is very much about how young girls are perceived and how they are almost forced into following such a materialistic lifestyle. i like the way that this ragdoll isnt... its not wearing excessive makeup and it hasnt got a pauls boutique bag... its a real representation of a ragdoll. (A rag doll is a children's toy. It is a cloth figure, a doll traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material. )i think this is what young girls are meant to look like

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Little miss world

the parents dont really help to be honest
the pushy parents which force their children into doing pageants should be disapointed at what their children become.
they put their children into competetive enviroment.
these girls all want one thing and thats to win.
so if one girl wins there will be losers... thats not fair.
they compete these girls, any age, against one another.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

is it suprising ...

that so many young girls wear make up and want plastic surgery when you have women like jordan and jodie marsh who are naturally pretty but feel the need to cover their faces in make up ?

Monday, 28 February 2011


the world is filled with people who young girls look up to. we have some of the most successful women and many girls aspire to be just like them.
this is why i believe so many girls feel pressured into looking good and wear make up and revealing clothes. we have people like lady gaga and rhianna who are stunning and yet they are so successful.
lady gaga is very unique and does crazy things to her hair and her face eg; excessive make up but she's so popular, her fan base is phenominal.

Sunday, 27 February 2011